Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A nice treat this Sunday as Sam brought out a bunch of guys from his straight team.  We had enough to break up into a friendly Us v. Them game, then there was time left over for a quick mix up game before we ended at at 1:15p. There are some good pictures here especially of the new guys.

Though my favorite might be Brandon' juggling eyes shut catch.

Game 1 Final:
Sam's Boys 36 - Us 36
A tie? A tie? There are no ties, but we had one.  There was a lot of offense today (not much D), Sam's Boys made one key stop to make a 2 TD game into a 1 td game, and they got the ball last to tie it up, after a failed extra point we decided to play one more.

Game 2 Final :
Dark 12 - Light 12
We mixed up teams and played a short game to 21 or 1:15p, we got to 1:15 first.  Another tie.  I think that's the record, we've never had 2 ties in one Sunday.  Definitely fun, hope those guys come out again.  

Theme of the Day:
New blood.  It was really nice to play with a group of new guys, to face the unexpected.  The game was a contrast in styles more akin to a tournament game then our regular Sunday games. Talking to the other usual Sunday guys, the sentiment was the same.  While we played are traditional West Coast offense, moving the ball 6 - 10 yards at a time.  Sam's boys came out slinging.  First series they score in 2 plays.  Next series was the same.  It took both teams a while to adjust to the other's styles, and even so defense took a backseat to offense all day.  There were only 2 stops that I can remember (Brandon do you remember).

Stats of the Day:
I can't remember all the names and TD, but Justin, Sam's Guys QB, threw a funny ball but always seemed to put it in just where his receiver could haul it in.  Ervin had a blocked pass as did I on the rush.  Receiver Justin had the key INT in the first game, that got Sam's Guys back into the game. Jay made several catches and was pretty active especially in game 1. Sam's Guys couldn't convert an extra point all game. Marvin had at least 2 TD's and showed his athleticism on several plays.  Tom had a couple of TD, running one in from the 10 yard line.  I kept my streak alive of 3 games in a row with an dropped INT. 

Plays of the Day:
The play of the day had to Marvin stealing the ball from Brandon.  On a lame duck of a throw from Justin, Brandon went up for a sure INT.  He had the ball in his hands, seriously he was in the air with the ball in his hands above his head, and somehow Marvin not only tipped the ball back into the air without touching Brandon at all, but  more impressively on an impressive play then caught the rebound and ran it in for a TD.  

Charlie made another Inspector Gadget catch snapping the ball out of air.  

I know there were a couple of other nice plays, but they've gone out of my head.

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