Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We had rain, sun, sleet, snow, ice all in the span of 45 minutes.  It was a day with a lot of new faces, and while we only had 13 -- enough for a 6-6, it was a spirited two games, with as many big plays as I can remember. Of course, I can't remember much, maybe it was the weather or all the running.

Game 1: 
Dark 33 - Light 18 (game to 32)

Game 2: 
Dark 27 - Light 20 (game suspended)

Theme of the Day:
New faces and big plays.  Miles, Peter, Tall Sam.  New players came out and strut their stuff today.  I think almost every TD was on a long pass or a great play.  While there was a core of old timers there, myself included, about half the guys had just started playing this season or had only played a couple of times before.

Plays of the Day:
When I asked for opinions about best play at the end of the second game, I literally got a different play from 5 people.  And they were all right.  My top play was Miles going horizontal on a deep bomb to snag the ball out from Armando who was sure he had the INT.  Miles also had a nice catch after a INT went through my hands, showing excellent concentration hauling the tipped pass in.  Armando showed he had a few tricks in him with a diving catch for a big first down from Brandon.  Peter had a sweet run, breaking some tackles along way.  I had a nice run on a slant cutting back against the grain for a TD.  Brandon had a long TD on an out, breaking down the sideline almost untouched, I know I'm missing 2 or 3 other plays.

Stats of the Day:
Tall Sam tied the game record for 2 blocked passes, one a Motumboesq swat.  Miles had at least a couple of other TD's, and he had one of the days' few INTs.  I dropped two sure INT's, like right through my hands dropped, and a sure TD (must be the groin pull).  Gosh I wish I could remember some other plays.

Anyone want to give an old man a hand? No not that kind of hand, a hand remembering what happened?

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