Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Its tournament time, a little Monuments/Metros March Madness. Did you have Craig's Green team with Tony as their QB in your bracket? Did you track the historical trend of Marc's undefeated in tournament play? Let's get to the games:

Game 1:
Marlon (White Team) 32
Brandon (Red Team) 25

Marc (Black Team) 34
Craig (Green Team) 0

Game 2:
Brandon (Red Team) 39
Craig (Green Team) 14

Marc (Black Team) 34
Marlon (White Team) 24

Theme of the Day:
With one very close game, all the other games were blowouts which is unusual for this time of year. Of course the results were skewed by Tony's no show which put Craig's Green Team behind the 8 ball. Marc's team dominated going 2-0, can Brandon's team step up and stop them next week, after a heartbreaking loss to Marlon's team?

Plays of the Day:
Keep in mind I didn't get any reports from the other games, so this is almost exclusively from my perspective. The one nice play in the other game I witnessed was Black's Jim, dropped back, threw the ball out to Kevin on the wing. Ari made a great break on the ball and came an inch from intercepting it and taking it back for a TD. Instead the ball bounced up, right into Black's Danny's waiting hands, who took it 50 yards for a Black TD instead.

Newcomer David had a nice INT return for a TD. PJ showed some sticky hands going up for a hard thrown ball against Craig's team.

Down 32-25, wtih 4 plays left, Brandon and his Red team found themselves on White's 9 yard line. Needing a TD and xp to tie, it looked like OT, but an errand throw landed in Tall Adam's hands for the game sealing INT.

Charlie had a nice INT as Dan got confused and threw it right too him early in that barnburner of a game.

Stats of the Day:
Brandon had 3 INT's against Crag's team. Burton had a ton of big catches and TD's keeping the chains moving and an INT in our game against Marlon's team.

Marlon was all over the field on Defense, if we kept track of tackles he would probably be leading the tournament.

Ari was the big player in White's first game victory. Coming up with several clutch catches (looked like the trend continued in the second game).

Charlie had the already mentioned INT & some big catches connecting with Brandon.

Lloyd carried the Green offense early in our game against them -- even with the uneven Qb play. It wasn't until Armando came in that the offense suddenly came alive, as he effectively moved the ball downfield -- accounting for both Green's scores.

I wish I could have seen more of Marc's black team play as they're clearly the favorites, so I'm not sure who was making plays for them.

Pictures are up here.

Stay tuned for next week....

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