Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow day on Monday, 70 degrees on Sunday -- what a difference a week makes.  Spring made her appearance this weekend on a beautiful Sunday.  We had an allstar lineup out there with old timers and new players alike.

Game 1 Final:
Dark 33 - Light 24
A rocky start for Light with Craig's brother Danny taking a turn at QB to start the game.  Light started to come back with Jim at the helm, but a crucial mistake turned the tide and gave Dark the victory. Light was never really able to stop Jim and Brandon's offense.

Game 2 Final:
Light 26 - Dark 18
We divided up for game 2. Maybe it was me -- I was on the losing side of both games. Man to man defense failed Dark on 3 straight TD.  The final one was all Burton.

Theme of the Day:
Big players from big players.  Sam, Burton, Trainwreck, Chad, Tony, Greg, Armando, JB, Brandon, Jay all made long catches or nice plays.  

Play(s) of the Day:
Burton's INT of Jim was beautiful.  He broke on the ball perfectly, then returned it for a TD.  That play shook off some of the rust from Burton who dropped a couple earlier.  Of course, he got toasted by Tony breaking on the pump fake perfectly this time to give up the game ending touchdown.  

JB made a sweet rejection of Jim that Brandon had in his hands with a clear path to the endzone, that is until Brandon dropped the ball.

Chad made a silky smooth over the shoulder catch, adjusting to the ball like a center fielder.  

Sam showed excellent body control on two grabs, I mean really excellent body control, one keeping his feet in the other a twisting catch.

Lloyd made a tough catch for an extra point, Brandon had a finger on the ball, still not sure how Lloyd held on.

Stats of the Day:
Chad had 3 TD's which he reminded me of.  Jim had the only other INT other than Burton's.  JB had a blocked pass.  Tall Adam had a nice TD streaking over the middle, as did Jim.  In fact in Game 2, Light had 3 long TD's on almost the same play to 3 different players, straight up the gut.  Armando had a long TD, to go with a couple of nice passes defended on deep balls. Charlie showed some age, dropping a couple of balls he usually would catch.  Jay had a TD or 2 and an extra point (at least one) in front of his cheering section. Greg had a couple of long passes, one for a TD. I had a TD on a perfect pass from Jim down the sideline. 

As always, I know I'm forgetting something.  But with so many big names and big plays, and no advil, I can only be expected to remember so much. 

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