Thursday, March 26, 2009

Missed the game this weekend due to family considerations.  

All Charlie would reveal was that he was on the losing end of both games.   I'm not sure who even showed up, so I can't even make up what happened like I usually do.

Instead here are the rosters for the Spring Tournament:

Craig -- Green Shirts:
Armando, Barry, JJ, Shane R, Steve & Tony, WK 1 Only: Miles

Marc -- Black Shirts:
Danny W, Gary, Jim, Kevin C, Kevin S, Wk 1 ONLY: Adam J, Sam, Tyler, WK2 ONLY: Chad

Marlon -- White Shirts:
Adam M, Ari, Burton, Dan, Lloyd, WK 1 ONLY: Hurd, JB, Peter, WK 2 ONLY: Cassius, Williams, Mike Bird

Brandon -- Red Shirts:
Adam S, Allscott, Charlie, David, Greg, Mike Bornmann, Michael, PJ

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