Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It was a spirited 5-5 Sunday, with a good mix of regulars like and new guys, who showed up to play a shootout.

Light 35 - Dark 34
Dark: Me, PJ, Dan, Tall Adam
Light: Tony, Jonathan, Atlanta Mike, New Jonathan, Greg, Steve
A game that came down to the last play.  It was up and down the field all day.  

Theme of the Day:
Running, a lot of running.  I know 5-5 entails a lot of running, but come on.  It didn't help that the field was a nice combination of soft on top and mud underneath.  Jonathan wiped out spectacularly at one point.  

Plays of the Day:
PJ had perfect position on his INT.  I juked Jonathan out of his pants, on a long run down the sidelines.  Tall Adam had a couple of nice catches.  For a game with so many big plays I can't remember any of them, but I know there were 4 or 5 long passes and long runs on passes across the middle.  

Stats of the Day:
Jonathan claims he had 3 TD's and one dropped TD that off his hands, off his face, off his hands onto the ground.  PJ had the only INT of the day.  New Jonathan came out, shook off 20 years of rust, made a catch for a first down, had a sack and a couple of pulls, including his hamstring about 10 minutes into the game. 

Mike from Atlanta (who said he moving down in September) showed a nice arm even as he got used to our type of Offense.  Still, he clearly showed he could play QB.  

Tony was his usual efficient self.  

Ok remind me what I forgot.

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