Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Two Thrillers, Each Ending On Final Play

The first game was a back and forth affair, with the White team, generaled by Uncle Bobby and Tony the Trickster, who for once was completely sober, moved the chains time after time. The Dark team also had a capable set of quarterbacks in Danny Dangerous, PJ and Trainwreck. Each team also had an out of the mainstream QB who each had perfect QB ratings, 1 throw – 1 TD. Charlie started it off, when he came in motion behind the QB, took the toss and chicken winged himself into touchdown lore, when Burton caught a perfectly thrown ball that Charlie later termed “crap.” Apparently he has hired standards for himself than a 158.3 rating. On White’s team, QB Steve “The Daddy,” made good of his one series, calling a beautiful play to Shane “The MacDaddy” for a TD.

The end of the game was dramatic, with Uncle Bobby having put the White team on top 32-25, with the Dark team getting one last chance. Trainwreck drove the team down, all the way to about the White’s 20 before stalling. I will add (and this is just for you Joe) that I broke up the 4th down attempt to Charlie. Maybe my hand was there a bit early and maybe it wasn’t…White wins 32-25.

The second game was even closer. Both teams were efficient, and at the end of regulation, the game was tied. So, we implemented a take on the college over time rules, giving each team the ball on the 20 with 4 downs to score. Three breath-taking overtimes later, on a play apparently designed by Brian “I’m a cheater Belichick” Hurd, Charlie ran a misdirection into the endzone for a Dark team victory.

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