Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two great games this weekend, a lot of new faces jumping in and making immediate and crucial contributions. If the level of play is this good for the tournament, its gonna be a hell of a two weeks. For those of you there, you saw me furiously scribbling down notes, looking at them now they make absolutely no sense at all. The second game we had no subs, so my memory is even worse for that. So with the usual disclaimer in mind that these are my recollections, and they are not intended to bear any resemblance to reality, here we go:

• The first game saw a White team loaded with newcomers and a dark team with old timers. Bobby came out quickly looking sharp with a TD to Marlon and then one to Burton.

• Dan took the White team down throwing a short TD to Rick, one of the new guys (Victor's brother maybe).

• At 12-6 Victor helped the Dark team hold serve knocking down Brandon's pass in the endzone. Uncle Bobby threw a 5 yard pass to his nephew Tyler, that Tyler turned up into a 80 yard streak between the safeties giving Dark an 18-6 lead.

• Tony kept White in the game with a TD making it 18-12. Then came the turning point in the game. Allscott stepped up to QB. The inevitable seemed near, and then something strange happened. Was it his hubris? Shaking his fist in God's eye one time too many? Declaring himself the "Best Gay Quarterback"? That is a question for the philosophers my friend. But on this Easter day there would be no resurrection. The highlight of his 4 and out drive was fumbling a perfect snap. It did not get any better as his ineffectiveness, let White back into the game. A Tony TD and Charlie tip-toe 2 point conversion later the score was 20-18 White.

• Dark tried to get the momentum back as Bobby took the team to the 2 yard line, but came up unsatisfied. In its darkest hour, Dark needed a hero, someone to step up and say the buck stops here. Instead of a white knight, we got our Black Brandon -- Marlon sacking the white Brandon in the endzone for a safety, tying the game at 20.

• On the next play after the kickoff, Bobby scrambled away from the rush, and found JJ (obviously having had his sweet tea that morning) for a 60 yard strike. It put Dark up 26-20. Those were the last point dark would score.

• Brandon came back from his safety, and led a two play drive to Ross (two 40 yard passes) to tie the game.

• Then Tony brought the first game to an end, finding the suddenly ever present Ross in the end zone on a 10 yard pass to seal the victory 32-26 White.

• The second game started with almost as much excitement. What's his name, outran his brother Danny from Michigan (in a guest appearance), tip-toeing down the sideline for a 70 yard score. (Ok I mean Craig ;-).)

• Allscott looking for an Easter Miracle with his cross and prayer offense, found absolution in the form of Marlon, throwing a 6 yard cross that went for a 60 yard TD run.

• The game was close. Brandon had yet another 2 play drive for a TD, making quick work of the White defense.

• The Game ended with Tony going around end on a 4th and 3 from the 50 yard line and then flipping the ball to Brandon, who took the lateral down the sideline to end the game 26-20 White.

I'm sure there's stuff I forgot, especially in the second game (no subs = no notes). Remind me in the comments section, or let us know your thoughts on the game.


Anonymous said...

A safety?! How does a QB get sacked in the endzone for a safety when there's no penalty for intentional grounding? Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Uh adam, I personally thought that the highlight of my 4 and out drive was you dropping an easy pass.... A pass that was certainly easier to handle than your lousy snap which you caused me to fumble(bitchiness intended ...)!

and by the way, I threw the long, scrambling 60 yard TD pass to JJ. You know UB only throws to Burton/Marlon/Adam/blood relatives...

AllScott (3 drives, 2 TDs)

Anonymous said...

A "safety" that Marlon later admitted was "close" and that he waited until he saw that the play was successful before calling.

Adam Strasberg said...

Now I know how to get readers & comments, talk about Allscott & Brandon.

Just like a great quarterback to blame his team, you always hear about Joe Montana or Tom Brady railing on their teammates for losing the game.

You threw the TD to JJ, sorry must have remembered wrong, guess I didn't realize you could actually throw it 40 yards in the air.