Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here's my recollection of events (any resemblence to the truth is purely coincidental):

• After a couple of warm March days it was raining up till Game Time. When it cleared but was windy and cold.

• We had 12 RSVP's but only 6 Real Gay's showed up: Bobby & Jim (comfortably 40 minutes late), JJ (who had set up the field), Charlie, Me & Greg. So we made an in game adjustment.

• Jim let the Monuments with calm confidence to Cafe St. Ex for Brunch.

• Charlie made the blunder of the day forgoing the most excellent Fried Green Tomato BLT for the Egg White Omelet.

• Strangest play of the day was JJ putting 6 sugars into his ice tea. He completely emptied the sugar packets on the table.

• Greg made a late run for player of the week, discovering the delicious caramel sauce that went with the Gingersnap sandwiches, but it was a late run, and all too late for the rest of us to partake as the Gingersnap sandwiches were all gone by that point.

• POTW Me. Not for my order of
Fried Green Tomato BLT, which JJ and Jim also took a chance on, but rather with my dazzling order of the aforementioned Gingersnap Sandwiches in the face of tough defense from Bobby and Charlie -- demurely protecting their figures. Not too gingery with dulce de leche ice cream in between...

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