Monday, February 25, 2008

Two close games last week, the second one ending with a pop.

The first game saw two potential Players of the Week performing well together on the same team, but losing. All-Scott got the first jump to claiming back to back POTW honors by grabbing a pass intended for Trainwreck and thrown by Dan and gaining possession for the White team. All-Scott also used his patented Mike Martz type play calling (you all know it by now, it's almost as genius as Marlon's 2 play system) to perfection, throwing for TD after TD, one of which Uncle Bobby twisted and turned all the way to the house. Uncle Bobby also is due some POTW mention due to his quarterbacking as well - ad libbing on a play back to me for a touchdown early on. White dominated the beginning part of the game, up 14-0.

The QB combo of Trainwreck and Dan marched the Dark team back, however. Charlie led the team by beating a much younger, much better looking Brandon (thas me) time after time after time. One touchdown saw him catch a ball over my outstretched arms, and jog backwards down the field waiting patiently for Chip's block while the rest of my team watched and laughed. Ya gotta love teamwork.

In the end, both teams had a chance to win. All-Scott drove the White team down the field for a score, taking a 33-26 lead, but we could not convert what would have been the game-ending 2 point conversion. The Dark team drove back down the field, scoring and then converting their 2 point try when Trainwreck connected with Marc to win the game, keeping Tony's completely defeated streak for 2008 alive.

Before Game 2, we counted off and mixed up the teams. This time the White team, QB'd by Dan and Trainwreck, jumped out to an early lead. However, the game ended prematurely when Marc, after intercepting a pass and beginning to head down field, came down hard on his ankle. He has since gone to the hospital and will be out 3-4 weeks. Get well Marc...we look forward to seeing you back out there soon.

-- Posted by Brandon


Anonymous said...

I think Marlon's two play system is so advance and ahead of it's time.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time that "system" actually scored a touchdown (for the offense)? The two plays seem to be 1) throw the ball up for grabs and 2) let it get intercepted and returned for a TD.