Sunday, March 30, 2008

It was a cool early spring day. Still more guys were out in shorts than not, and the softballers were out practicing, and the guy with the cutoff sleeves who looked like Daley circa age 21 was a crowd favorite. We started with 11, then Tony strolled out at 11ish, to give us a solid 6 on 6. It was a fun day even with the short numbers, and we had two games to 32.

• Kip basically kept White in both games despite his juggle in the end zone. He torched Jon in the first game, and probably score 2-3 TD's.

• Black was led by Brandon and "One More Play" Bobby (at 12:55p, he said, I'll stick around for one more play, then left with Black needing one TD to finish the game).

• The series that epitomized the second game and maybe the entire day was a 25 minute Tony led White drive that stalled on the Black 15 yard line. The highlight of the drive was a 4th and 25 conversion Tony to Patrick that kept the drive alive for another 15 minutes.

• Tony was responsible for the worst three plays of the game, getting beat deep covering me 1 on 1, then throwing a INT (to me) on what seemed to be a timing pattern to Tim, not sure if it was QB or receiver who's timing was off. Then getting beat deep by Greg on the next play.

• I had a pretty good day, a couple of TDs, a couple of conversions (including the game winner on a nice touch pass from Brandon), an INT. Though I still gotta work on playing middle safety as Kip raced past me while I was watching the center Jon Williams. I also got the worst of it from JJ who gave me a forearm shiver to the chest, a knot on me knee and knocked me over, no more jokes about him and his ice tea, I promise (fingers crossed).

• White lost both games, and though the final score weren't close the games felt competitive and fun.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who wrote this blog: "I did this and I did that..." You'd be right to guess AllScott, but you'd be wrong.

Adam Strasberg said...

Funny, my name is at the top of the blog, unlike our 'anonymous' poster. And I have no need to boost up my achievements on the field or off, they speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to bring my name up in a post, please at least show the courage to post your own name.