Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well, I can't remember anything from the games, so here are my recollections from the game, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental:

• Don't you love when its 60 degrees and sunny in March? Perfect early spring weather. That's was Saturday, today it was 40, cold and windy. Early March weather.

• Black took the early lead in the first game 18-6. Jim threw an ugly int to Burton (just for the record, I was 5 yards behind him and wide open).

• It looked like a blow out, but Brandon had the first of his two tip-toe INT's in the middle. One of which he ran back to a touchdown to the sound of Jay's quote of the day:"Oooops."

• White came back to make it 26-18. But Black had too much firepower today, Jon had 2 touchdowns on big 4th down catches and 2 sacks and certainly deserves a mention for POTW (Player of the Week).

• Welcome back to John Williams, after traveling through Dunkin Donut country, he make a nice play to stop a Tony to Burton 2 point conversion, yelling: "I know your shit...."

• Game 1 Final score 32-18 Black.

• Everyone stuck around for the second game, as we mixed up the teams.

• Black Qb's had some perfect throws -- Bobby threw a bullet right to Jim, too bad Jim was playing for the other team. Brandon had the afforementioned "Oooops" INT.

• After Burton ripped my shorts (is that a cigar Dr Frued?), the Black QB's targeted him for 80% of their passes.

• Welcome to Andrew who had a nice catch on a 2-point conversion in the second game.

• Black's mistakes were too much to overcome, a nice catch by Kevin, and a beautiful catch and throw from Tony to Jim, sealed the win for White 26-12.

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