Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We got off to a late start, but rustled up 15 players for a marathon 2+ hour game, that went down to the final play. No pictures today as I played for the team without subs.

The Game:
Dark 33 - Light 32
Dark Roster: Adam, Charlie, Brandon, Jim, JJ, Jay Steve
Light Roster: Tony, Corey, Dan, PJ, Kevin, JB, Cassius, Gary

Theme of the Day:
There seems to be a trend this year of blow-outs and comebacks. This game had both. Light was up 20-6, had the ball and seemed well on its way to a rout. Dark's defense was about as effective as a paperbag holding a gallon of water. Light's three headed QB rotation of Tony, PJ, and Dan moved the ball efficiently down the field. Then ever slowly, Dark crawled their way back into the game. There wasn't a single turning point, in fact I don't think Light threw an INT. It was just small victory after small victory for Dark, a dropped pass here, a turnover on down there, and suddenly the score went from 26-12 Dark to Light 32- Dark 26 and the ball for score or go home drive. Dark scored quickly after missing on their first pass attempt, they hit the next 5 passes in a row to tie the game. Pass number 6 on the extra point ended the game, as Tony could only stare on in disbelief from the sidelines.

Player of the Day:
Sometimes even in a team effort, one player stands up constantly making big plays when they're needed. Today it was Jay's turn. Jay scored the last two Dark TD. The final one that tied the game was in traffic and ended with a collision that sent Jay to the ground still holding the ball. He followed that up by catching the game winning extra point. He also tied Kevin's game record of 2 blocked passes rushing the QB, and he may have had a sack. Add to that several other big catches against only one dropped pass, and he's this week's player of the week.

Trivia of the Day:
What's first base for gay men? (you can answer in the comments) I learned in our huddle.

Plays of the Day:
Tony had a nice option run for a Light TD, and taking a rare turn as a receiver score a TD on a deep bomb into broken coverage. JB took a deep pass for an early light TD. Jay's final TD mentioned earlier was a tough catch, and he did a great job holding onto the ball. Charlie made some fine catches snatching the ball out of the air on a couple of occasions.

Stats of the Day:
Kevin helped Light build their early lead with not one but two goal line INT's. It was so bad, that even on the last drive, Jim kept talking about how to keep Kevin out of the play on the final TD play. Despite those two INT's, Jim and Brandon got into a grove late in the game that helped lead Dark back. It wasn't in the stat book, but I did a good job of protecting Dark's QB from the pass rush. In fact, I blocked so much, that I think I might as well have been wearing a 74 on my shirt for my only TD & xtra point. The Light QB's were good, but hurt by a lot of dropped passes. Steve showed his usual knack for finding the open spot and moving the chains. I know there were sacks by both teams, but don't remember who had them (if you remember pls post in the comments section).

Must be the Wind:
Dark QB's despite their victory showed an incredibly bad touch on deep balls all day, overthrowing open receivers 5 or 6 times, it was so bad they commented on it in the huddle. The lack of deep balls didn't hurt them in the long run though.

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Junior said...

What's first base? I would say the smile and then the casual "So, what are you up to later?" That really means, so I think your hot and I am willing to clear my schedule for you this evening, What are we doing?