Monday, February 09, 2009

60 degrees, in February? Come on, I got a frickin' sun tan. We had a great turnout for another 8 on 8 day with subs. 2 games and 3 hours later, we left for home. Some pictures of the day are here (some of my best if you ask me -- and I got some other QB's throwing).

Game 1 Final:
Dark 36 - Light 12 (game 32)
Not quite a shutout, but Dark controlled the game pretty handily. It was a pretty quick game running about 1h 15m.

Game 2 Final:
Light 24 - Dark 20 (game 22)
Light came back down with Dark just a score away at 20 points. The game featured two 20 minute drives that turned up zero points -- one by each team.

Theme of the Day:
The weather without a doubt. I mean this is February, and we're not in LA. We saw a bunch of the new guys make some contributions, Lloyd had a couple of catches, Peter finished out the first game with a TD, Chris almost made a sweet INT. The return of Allscott "Best Gay Quarterback."

Stats of the Day:
Marlon had the only int of the day from my memory. Marlon also came back from a case of the dropsies to make a big 3rd down conversion and then scored a game winning TD, coming up with at least 2 on the day. I had a key sack towards the end of the second game (with the family watching), pushing my way to grab Patrick's flag. Patrick had a nice running TD at the beginning of the first game, though it wasn't enough to keep Light in the game.

The Dark QB's Jim & Brandon played pretty flawlessly in the first game, making tough throws and showing good touch in the romp.

Plays of the Day:
A lot of nice catches. Brandon had a sweet catch on the far sideline. Patrick also showed some great hands in the second game, reaching up high and getting his feet in for a score. After several long drives, with minimal results, Allscott showed everyone why he's "the best quarterback" hooking with Marlon -- one play, 80 yards, 1 TD. Sam had a couple of tough (and I mean physical) catches towards the pool end of the field, going up in traffic and coming down with the ball -- even though one TD was called back. Craig was a go-to reciever for Dark in the second game, showing good concentration on a big 4th down catch as Chris collided with him. Oh, and I showed Charlie's dog who was boss running over him for 5 yards in the first game.

Sure there was other plays, Brandon, Allscott, let me know what I forgot.

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