Monday, February 02, 2009

Played 2 games this Sunday, and we had a huge turnout (was it was Super Bowl Sunday or the beautiful 50 degree weather) -- playing 8-8 with 3 subs for the first game and 8-8 in the second game.

Game 1 Final:
Dark 32 - Light 20
Dark Roster was something like Charlie, Burton, Tony, Armando, Marvin, Kevin, Craig, Peter, Miles (who took a pain walk after I toasted him for the first TD of the day), Greg, Achai
Light Roster was +/- Patrick, Adam, Barry, Jim, Kenneth, Gary, JB, Lloyd, Marc, JJ, Brian, Dan
Light took a 20-6 lead, then watch as Dark came back, scored 26 straight points, shutting down Light's offense (at one point PJ threw 8 consecutive incomplete's against Dark's man to man defense). Here's some video of the game winner.

Game 2 Final:
Dark 27 - Light 6
Dark Rosterish Dan, Tony, Burton, Brian, Kevin, Lloyd, Barry, Greg, Achai, Armando
Light Roster: Adam, Jim, Charlie, Marvin, Marc, JJ, Craig
Game to 22, Light never really got their act together either on Offense of Defense.

Theme(s) of the Day:
Mud. Oh and the mud. Did I mention the mud? Mix snow, ice and bright sun you get mud, goody like cake batter or baby poop (you're gonna have to trust me on this one), we were caked in it. It felt like you were running with weights on your legs from all the mud on your shoes (nice day to break in new cleats Adam).

I found mud in my ear going home. Still the weather was nice and it was a great day for football, maybe if there had been a little less mud, it would have been perfect.

Quote of the Day:
As the teams were lining up pre-snap, Tony was centering to Dan.
Unattributed: "Watch Tony coming out."
JJ: "We've been watching him coming out for 10 years."

Play(s) of the Day:
Marvin streaking downfield to catch John Burton from behind on a long catch (too much mud on the cleats John).

Burton's INT at the goal line returned for a TD.

My stretching catch over the middle for a TD, reaching out high to snatch the ball out of the air.

Tony's flips (flip on a long return to seal the TD & multiple laterals to win the last game).

Stats of the Day:
My 3 TD's in the first game were Light's only scores -- I dropped #4 after buring Burton deep, who seemed to be standing in the mud, sigh.

Marc St. Pierre had 2 INT's with Light's back agains the goal line.

Burton had a INT which he returned for a TD.

Tony scrambled 20 yards for a TD in the second game.

Kevin continued his streak of blocked passes with another one at the line of scrimmage.

That's about all I can remember after the Super Bowl get together at the Duplex Diner. What do you remember?

Here are some pictures of the day.

Some video from the games.

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