Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First game of the new year was played on a fairly mild winter day. We ended up with 16 guys for a nice 7-7 with a sub each. We only got one game in, of course it was a 2 hour game, and Charlie had to get home to watch the Dolphins (sorry Charlie, but you got to be happy with the season, right).

The Teams (as best I can remember):
Dark: Adam, Patrick Tangey, Jay, Steve, Jonathan, Craig, Brandon, JJ
Light: Jim, Tony, Charlie, Sam, Kip, Mike from Boston, I'm forgetting 2 guys.

Final Score:
Dark 32 - Light 20

Theme of the Day:
Defense. Not sure how long the score seemed stuck at Light 14 - Dark 6. Light had several opportunities to open up that lead, but interceptions killed their chances. Meanwhile Dark took its time, with some interceptions and turn over on downs, before it could come back and take over the game.

Stats of the Day:
TD's: I had 2 including a the game winner on a beautiful play -- JJ blizting in blocked Tony's quick pass to Sam "MVP" on the sideline, the ball floated beautifully up in the air to me steaking down uncontested for the game winner.

INT's: There were a lot of them. I had 2, Jay had one with Dark's back against the goal line, Patrick had one, Jimmy had at least one for Light. Sure there were others I missed.

Sacks: Patrick had at least one, rushing in un-touched to get Jimmy before he even had a chance to look downfield. Newcommer Mike, a visitor from Boston's league, showed some good strength on the pass rush, and had several sweet pulls including one on Brandon (I think) for a sack.

Play(s) of the Day:
Sam "MVP" had a beautiful catch on the sideline, showing great body control as he twisted towards the sideline to come down with the ball and get his feet in on a 40 yard bomb.

JJ's block of Tony's sideline pass, to set up the game winning INT returned for TD was just a great play.

Not on the Scoresheet:
You may not have noticed it unless you where in the Dark Defense's huddle, but Patrick did a great job of calling the Dark defense, throwing different schemes at Light's Qb's -- Tony & Jim, and different blitzes. Those calls along went a long way towards throwing Light off-balance, keeping the Dark team in the game long enough to get its offense going.

Sure I missed your favorite play or TD, let me know in the comments section.

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