Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hold on a minute, let me dust the cobwebs off this thing.

Welcome back to DC Gay Flag Football. Its been a month since Salt Lake City, "Girl down," Pattie Mac's throw me the f**king ball standing 5 yards out of bounds, and Trainwreck going offsides after reminding everyone the snap count was on 2. After one week off, its been three of weeks of football.

Not being there the first week, I can't comment on that game, but we've had some good football in the two weeks I've been out. One thing I've noticed is how much the level of play has improved with two teams representing DC in the tournament.

Two weeks ago we had a lot of newcomers to the game, the scores were blowouts, but the attitude was good and the games were fun despite the score. The play I remember most of all was Marlon rushing the passer, blocking the pass, catching the loose ball and returning it for a touchdown.

This past week, the word on everyone one's tired lips was DE-FENSE! The second game stretched to 1 hour and 50 minutes, only ending at 30-24 after a defensive deflection ended Tony's drive to tie it up at 1:50p there was a lack of will and advil to continue the game to 32. To give you an idea of the defensive intensity, there were 4 possessions back to back to back to back where the offensive team turned the ball over on downs. That made for a string of 6 or so possessions without a score from either team, that's got to be some kind of modern day record.

My flag pull to stop Tony's scramble on 4th and 7 at 5 yards was matched by Craig's pull on the other side to end a Dark drive. Typical of the day, after Craig's 5 yard pass turned into a 60 yard run down field to put White on the 8 yard line. Tony threw up a rare interception to Kevin in the corner.

Marlon led the Dark team's offense with his vaunted 2 play, err, 2 formation system. Kevin took the reins to throw a couple of TD, and superstar Brandon (the white Marlon) also chipped in. JJ was solid and open all day hauling in 10 of 11 balls thrown his way. I scored my share of TD's with a couple of nice catches...

Frankly, I can't remember anything that happened, too tired, too little oxygen to the brain. Post your highlights in the comments section.

The newcomers showed some solid contributions too in the past couple of weeks:
* Lloyd scored the game winning conversion in the first game only to rush off to his waiting posse.
* Andy shook off his hang-over and aging body to show some good flag pulling (why does he end up on the ground after EVERY pull) and was a solid short target in the second game death match.
* Brian took on quarterbacking white and displayed a good arm throwing a nice intermediate and deep ball.

Its just good to get out there and start the real football season. Some pictures two follow tonight.

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