Monday, January 26, 2009

I wasn't there personally, but I got this from someone who was:

The Scores:
First game was another shut-out 32 -0. Almost the same guys on the losing team as the last shut out -- Brandon, Dan, JB, Burton, JJ, AllScott.

Second game ended in a tie 36-36. It was almost 2:00 and there was a Lacrosse team and another football team waiting to play so we just left it at a tie. Lloyd brought 2 new guys out -- Miles and Peter. Both fast, good, and nice guys.

Surprisingly few interceptions even though our team had a ton of stops in the first game. I think we confused them with different schemes/pressure and good amount of man-to-man.

Play of the Day:
Play of the day was a great fade route that Tony threw to Miles streaking down the sideline after a pump underneath.

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Junior said...

Interesting account. Kinda vague and dry. Good games. First game it was a bit hard to get into an offensive rythm. The team that pitched a shut out (again was it) had the workings of guys who have played together for years as opposed to five new guys on the losing team.

The second game was rather enjoyable due to the fact the teams were well spaced and good mixed, hence what lead to a tie. The game changing event was the one interception that caught Dan's team back up to Tony's team.

Well played guys. Look forward to seeing you there again this Sunday.