Monday, January 12, 2009

Summary of Jan 11:

We started with 6-6, then went to 7-7 as Tony rolled in around 11a, we played two games one very exciting and one the rare blowout.

Game 1 Final
Dark 32 - Light 0
Light Roster: Cipullo, JJ, Allscott, Jon, Marc, Lloyd, Tony
Dark Roster: Kevin, Adam, Charlie, Patrick, Daniel (Craig's brother), Jim

Game 2 Final:
Dark 31 - Light 28 (played to 29)
Dark Roster: Adam, Patrick, Steve, Tony, Dan, Lloyd, Scott
Light Roster: Charlie, Jon, Jim, Kevin, Marc, Danny (Craig's Brother), JJ

Theme(s) of the Day:
The Mud was a constant, JJ could barely lift himself up on play. Everyone was slipping and sliding.

Blow-Outs and combacks. The first game was a quick blow-out, Light never really got its game together and couldn't stop the Dark team. The second game looked like it was heading in the same direction as Dark was up something like 22-7 for a long time, and Dark's only score coming on an INT return for a TD. Sitting Just a TD and XP from victory, Dark stalled out, with Light's defense coming up with 4 stops in a row. Breaking their drought, they came to the brink of victory 28-25 but couldn't convert the XP. Light scored on their next possession to make the round trip from from blow out to victory.

Player of the Day:
As usual it was a team effort all the way around. QB's were unusually ineffective or at least not as effective as usual. My choice would be Danny (Craig's brother) who made several long catches and played good shut-down defense at safety.

Plays of the Day:
From what I remember.... I had a sweet one-handed catched reaching back on the ball with my left hand to scoop the ball and get the INT.

Danny had several nice catches on long bombs and made some good pulls crashing the ball on D.

Tony made his mark today as a receiver beating Jonathan for a deep bomb.

JJ had an INT off of Dan on a deep pass to Allscott and out-muscled Allscott along the sideline for another nice catch. It made up for Allscott's brutish shoulder to the sternum that knocked JJ out of the game for a play.

Blame the Sweatshirt:
Kevin was involved in controvery early as a long gain was called back because his gray sweatshirt was out over his flags. Latter, after 3 bad drops, he blamed the slippery sweatshirt which was taken off mid-game.

Turning Point,..maybe not:
Jim's INT near the goal line to me. I brought the ball out about 20-30 yards before flipping it to Allscott who took the ball the rest of the 60 yards for a TD. That played slowed down Dark's momentum in the second game brining the score to 7-6. It didn't last for long though as Dark went on to score the next 2 TD's bringing them to the brink of victory. But Light was able to wear them down with a tough man to man defense. Eventually going up 25-22 before winning it 31-28. Guess slow and steady won the race this Sunday.

Stats of the Day:
I had 3 INT, one for a TD on a duck of a pass by Allscott in the blow out of the first game. Steve went 2-2 for 80 yards and 1 TD in his only turn as QB. Allscott was 4-12, but he did get an INT and did bring one back with my help for a TD (Editor's Note (1/15): Scott sent me the following correction " I threw a long pass to Tony who flipped it to PJ for a TD - that counts as a TD pass in my QB rating; although 4 - 12 might be a little generous. I think that TD pass was my only completion in 2 drives (1 for 8, 1 TD, 1 INT)"). Patrick had an INT. Dan had a couple of sacks. Can't remember who scored the TD's. Though Patrick had the game winner on a nice catch and run making two defenders miss.

Thanks for JJ & Patrick for their e-mailing me their favorite plays? Did I miss something you did or thought was worth mentioning? Well, e-mail it to me or just post it in the comments.

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