Monday, February 18, 2008

I can never remember what happens in a game. It really slows down the blogging, but for lack of an outlet receiver here goes.

We had an even 14 guys show up for a spirited 7 on 7 (the first time in a while, we've been averaging about 16+).

The White team looked shaky in the early going with Uncle Bobby trying to get into a rhythm, while the three headed QB work of Tony, Patrick and Allscott (Best Gay Quarterback for you google fans), seemed to have the Black team poised for a run away win. But after a couple of quick hits, Allscott found that God gave us two arms and one mouth for a reason. "Its too easy," Best Gay Quarterback said with a giggle, before finding out why hubris was one the seven deadly sins: An all too easy interception by me, set up the White team, and seemed to right the ship.

After that it was a well played affair. Tony struck back at Burton for his trash talking the week before finally completing a pass over his straight pal (though Burton claimed the moral victory -- he only gave up a 40 yard pass, but no TD). Burton had a couple of nice runs for TD streaking through the middle on short passes turned up for TD's.

The see-saw battle came down to the final play. Patrick led Black on its ultimate drive, score on a nifty pass and run from the eight yard line by Greg.

But, with White up 33-32, the Black team went for 2 and the win. Patrick dropped back, looking for his receiver's, couldn't find his first option, and checked down to Greg in the corner against Tim. A tight perfectly placed pass to the front corner of the end zone, Greg had good position on the defender, but couldn't haul in the pass.

That left the final score Uncle Bobby's White Team 33 - Black 32.

What did I miss? Let know in the comments section.

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