Sunday, February 10, 2008

The gays came out to play some football today. We had two competitive 7 on 7 games with the white team winning both. Player of the Day honors go to Burton, mostly due to his game-ending interception of Tony, as the dark team was driving down for the possible tie or win in the second game. Having talked smack most of the second game, Burton backed it up with the interception as Tony was trying to connect with JB across the middle. The white team, qb'd by Trainwreck and PJ, beat the dark team qb'd by Tony, JB (if you can call that quarterbacking), Dan and Brandon 27-20 in the second game.

The first game was close as well. Marlon, aka "black brandon," got the dark team off to a quick start when he took a quick hit from Dan all the way to the house. Trainwreck the masterminded a drive back down the field for a score. Stalled drives and interceptions hurt the dark team's chances. The game saw Charlie "The Fragile Gazelle" Salem galloping to the endzone after picking off Dan. Adam "The Bully" Strasberg attempted to keep the dark team in the game by picking off a Trainwreck pass on 4th down and taking it down the field. But it wasn't enough…the white team prevailed by 2 scores, ending with a touchdown pass to Ari over Burton. Of note, watch out in the future for "innocent" JJ. He showed us that if you get in his way you will not survive, as he slammed Trainwreck into the ground for a sack and then to protect his innocent image got up and claimed that their feet tangled. ;)

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