Monday, December 26, 2005

Although the below post might not capture it (I hope it does), I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making my Sunday mornings a highlight of my week. I can't say how great it is to come out almost every Sunday from September to March and play football with such fun, completive and nice guys. Not to be too sentimental, but I think we have something special, and I just felt the need to celebrate it as the year draws to an end.

Honestly, I don't care (I know its hard to believe) if I win or lose on any given Sunday, I can barely remember who won when I talk about it with Nora afterwards. It really is the game that counts

Some special thanks:

To the quarterbacks who do just a great job of spreading the ball around and making sure everyone gets into the game.

To Charlie, Dan, Uncle Bobby, Patrick, Jim -- our leaders, and in all honesty the heart and soul of this great group. Thank you all for setting the tone, competitive but friendly, that I enjoy so much.

To all the new guys (some day I'll learn your names, I promise) for all your energy, for your commitment to this game, really its been so nice to have some new talent and new friends to get to know.

To everyone who shows up -- whether its once every couple of months (Ross) or its every week -- in sunny weather or windy days, on muddy fields or ice bowls, on good weeks and on bad days, thanks for shelping out there to play a game of football.

Happy Holidays -- which ever one it is you celebrate, and Happy New Year. See you on the field in '06 (and if you think I'm going soft after this sentimental rant, you'd be wrong. :-) )


Paddy Mac said...

After reading this post, one thing is crystal clear to me - Adam is SO gayer than Tony...

Charlie said...

Who knew he was so witty? Thanks to Adam for setting up this blog and keeping it going. Looking forward to beating up on his new softer side when we get out on the field in a couple of weeks.

aka The Gazelle
P.S. That ain't a weave...just ask my Great Uncle Gene Shalit.

Adam Strasberg said...


Coming from you I think that's a compliment.