Monday, April 07, 2008

With all the games and the excitement over the weekend, I thought I'd write up some general thoughts about each team based on interviews and my observations. If you were expecting me to remember anything, then you'd be sorely mistaken.

Here are the facts:
Game #1:
JJ--41 Greg--28
Tim--32 Victor--14

Game #2:
Greg--38 Victor--33
Tim--27 JJ-13

1. Tim 2-0
2. JJ 1-1
3. Greg 1-1
4. Victor 0-2

Notes on Tim's Team:
I didn't get the chance to play against this juggernaut. But what I heard is they are a big team. Against Victor in the first game they played a max protect using John Williams, Tim, & Jonathan to bull their way to victory. Dan was efficient with his throws and the results showed in the scores. In their second note, I heard their pass rush against JJ's team, forced Jim into mistakes that sabotaged the green team's offense. As an anecdotal note, every time I looked over I saw Ari making a nice play, whether it was an INT that he was able to tip to himself or a sweet catch and tip toe into the endzone (was that a TD or not?).

Notes on JJ's Team:
Against us Jim led a balanced attack, spreading the ball around to his receivers. While Allscott didn't make an appearance at QB, he played a tough corner and sealed Green's victory over Black with a nice INT keeping Kevin in front of him all the way downfield. JJ also came up really big, with several clutch catches, scoring at the end of the half, to give Green the lead in the first game, and getting a long gain with Green's back against the endzone. Marlon proved a dangerous deep threat, stretching the field for the Green team. Joe sat out the first half of our game, claimed he couldn't see out of one eye, said he'd give it a go in the second half, then proceeded to catch the first three balls of the half. I guess he's preparing for his LA.

Notes on Greg's Team:
Tony played his normal cagey QBing. Really his only mistake was the Allscott INT, otherwise he played with his usual combination of intelligence and savvy -- even contributing some solid coaching advice on Defense. Gary put constant pressure on Jim even in the mud. Kip was pretty awesome on offense showing soft hands and catching everything thrown his way, continuing his success from a week ago. Brandon played tough defense on Marlon, and came up big in the second half against Victor's team, giving Tony a reliable target as we fought off White's comeback attempt.

Notes on Victor's Team:
The dual QB of Patrick & Bobby did a good job of finding Chad in the second half. The ever reliable Burton, who showed off his quick hips and Fred Flinstone twinkle toes for a nifty touchtown. Chad who bit bad playing middle safety much to Tony's delight, single handedly kept White in the game against Black, scoring two quick (and long TDs) that prevented Black from pulling away, and made the last moments of the 2nd half exciting. Victor put some pressure on Tony, forcing some quick throws. Wish I could remember more from our game against them, but I mostly had Chad in my face.

Questions for Next Week:
Can anyone figure out how to handle Tim & the Red team's size?
Can Black and Green play a half without arguing about the clock?
Can White find another receiver to put pressure on defenses (Sparrow anyone)?
Can Adam find a babysitter so he can play?

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

so how many votes did Tim's team get for best team on paper AFTER week 1?

Adam Strasberg said...

2 or 4. Think it was about 22 or 24 votes Sunday AM. Now we're at 26 votes.

Anonymous said...

WoW! Let's not crown Tim's team just yet. I like the Green Team Odds