Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thirteen hardy souls showed up on an overcast and cool spring morning this past Sunday to play a spirited game.

The Black team was almost a carbon copy of the 2nd place tournament team with Brandon, Tony, Adam & Greg. The White team was led by Patrick as their QB, included the likes of Jay, JB, & Tim. Playing 6-6 with a permanent defender the were a couple of INT's. Patrick threw an absolute duck to Adam, and Brandon had one go off his receiver's hands which Tim snatched out of the air.

The game was back and forth. JB who was beaten one play earlier by Brandon found his way deep a couple of times, and he also took a lateral from Patrick to throw a long (really it was straight up and straight down) bomb to a sliding Joe. He was probably White's player of the week.

Black was constantly ahead, but White refused to quit. A nice fade from Brandon to me in the corner, over tough defense by Tim, put Black up 33-25. White had one last chance to tie. A quick bomb to JB put them 10 yards and a two point conversion from making the score 33-33.

But alas, White who was 0-5 on two point conversions on the day could not convert, giving Black a hard fought 33-31 win.

At least, that's the way I remember it. I'm sure in Brandon's version he did more.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, nice. Yep, I had 12 TD passes, and I've already forgotten about the INT. :)