Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 2008 Spring Tournament ended with a Bang not a Whimper.

With no love in the polls, a 0-2 record on the field, and starting Week 2 playing the presumptive favorite (the team voted most likely to win), the deck seemed stacked against Victor's White team.

They took a 10 point lead at the half against Tim's Red Juggernaut, then held on against a 5 play last ditch drive to win the game 39-38.

Facing Greg's Black team who used a tough defense to overcome JJ's Green team, they jumped out to an early lead on Patrick's INT of a tipped Tony pass. The game stayed close, and black finally went ahead on a extra point by one point 39-38 with 2 minutes to go.

Then White showed the quality that I believe won the the tournament for them -- the ability to make a play happen when they needed it. Here's the funny thing, it wasn't always Burton or Sparrow making the plays happen, it seemed like a truly team effort. A Sam INT for a TD against Tim's Red Juggernaut, Victor running over the middle for a 4th down conversion, Patrick scrambling to buy time and finding the open man, Uncle Bobby making people miss to score a key TD. Everyone made plays when White needed a play.

Against Black in the Championship, it was Patrick finding Sam streaking deep through the middle to give White the lead. Black had its chance and moved down the field, with the remaining time, and 5 plays, but fell 20 yards short of tying the game.

I was trying to think of a tournament MVP, but I wasn't sure who that would be. What do you think? What were the keys to White's victory? Post your thoughts in the comments

As the 2008 Spring Tournament winds down I also wanted to thank the team captains and Charlie for their effort, and JJ for hosting the fun post-tournament extravaganza.


Anonymous said...

I vote for Brandon...yep, this is anonymous. :)

Anonymous said...

for patrick aka P