Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow day leads to Snow Bowl


North Pole News Service
On a snow covered field, 11 football warriors, true champions, stepped up to the challenge.

On a day where the snow was the big topic, there was only one name on everyone's lips: B-R-A-N-D-O-N.

The young man who has flashed talent, but mixed it with inconsistency, came up big on Sunday tying the modern Monuments record with 4 TDs.

Playing 5-5 with a permanent defender, White and Dark played a wide open game with lots of long strikes. The aforementioned Brandon did not show the same prowess on D against the formitable Gazelle, as Charlie burned him deep and often.

With 6 defenders the game proved to a mix of high powered offense -- long bombs to Madona (a tip off this perminant defender's hands), Charlie, Brandon,, short passes turned to long runs (JJ, Brandon, Charlie), and a nifty run or two by the ever craft Tony Stewart -- and stout defense with several 4th down stops.

The snow was cold on the feet and slowed the game down for both defenders and offensive players alike.

In a close game Dark beat White 32-26, as this permanent defender intercepted a sure touchdown from Trainwreck to Dan to end the game on White's last drive.

Game Notes:
Despite the snow, the weather was quite temperate.

The Fairy Snow "FLAKE" award (as voted on by the players who actually showed up) was presented (in abstencia) to Jay and Patrick who RSVPed but didn't show up -- guess those beds were warm and comfy.


Anonymous said...

You're a fairy snow flake.

Adam Strasberg said...

Coming from you, I believe that's a compliment.


Charlie said...

I'm never lending Brandon my receiver gloves again.

Adam Strasberg said...

After last week's game, if Brandon doesn't run, I mean really fast, to the nearest sporting goods store and pick up a pair of his own, the man is a bigger fool than I thought.