Monday, April 03, 2006

Touring the Monuments:
All aboard the new format:
  • Our first stop: Its been a while since I posted, and while the blog has been at a standstill, the football has continued. We've seen the emergence of Brandon as a weapon on offense and defense. We've seen AllScott's religious conversion as he runs his new offense -- crosses and prayers. We seen great catches from Jay (and near misses too). We've seen Charlie continue his good hands streak. We've had Brokeback jokes and Uncle Bobby jokes, and a slew of close games. With Spring here, it looks like there will be games for the foreseeable future.
  • On your left: What's next? How about a Spring Tournament. 4 teams, 28 (+) players, 2 weeks. Over the weekends of April 23th and Arpil 30th, the Monuments are going to have their own Tournament, as they break up into 4 teams, and play for the championship over the course of 2 Sunday. 4 Captains have been chosen (or drafted) and players will be divided up soon. Check in here for your brackets and to follow all the action. If you're interest in playing, and haven't spoke to Charlie yet, e-mail him at
  • Please keep your hands inside the tram: This weekends recap brought to you by the Gazelle: It was fun but both games were blowouts...first one we kind of expected because of the lineup but the second game was much more evenly matched up -- me, tony, Trainwreck, dan on one side and burton, Jay, Patrick, that guy who's a beast on the rush, and Joe. We shut them out 36-0.
  • Last Stop on this tour: Welcome to the new format. I try to be better about posting weekly. I will certainly be posting the tournament action here, and through the summer.

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Charlie said...

Love the new format. Just to clarify the games for the tournament are on Sunday, April 23rd and Sunday April 30th.