Monday, November 28, 2005

I wasn't there for this past Sunday's game, but "The Gazelle" was kind enough of to give me these game notes:

Good turnout for the Turkey Bowl -- 15 players.

White team -- headed by QBs Trainwreck, Uncle Bobby, and Charlie Kniseley.

Blue Team -- Headed by QBs Dan and AllScott

Blue took the early lead by taking advantage of an interception and jumped out to a 12-0 lead. But it was all White after that. Trainwreck, Bobby and Charlie K. combined for a QB rating of 384.9 and lead the Blue team back to win 34-26. Dan was picked off twice and Charlie Kniseley scored the game-winning TD on a QB scramble and run for 11 yards. The Kniseley brothers may get a group rate though on hospital visits...Chris was nursing what appeared to be a broken finger after a freak hit in the beginning of the game and that TD scamper from Charlie saw him grabbing his achilles. Both are listed as doubtful for next week.

TAT (Trainwreck Arrival Time): A respectable 10:18.

ABGQBR (AllScott Best Gay QB Rating): 68.2. Not great, not bad.

-- Charlie "The Gazelle" Salem, Your Roving Reporter


Anonymous said...

ABGQBR - revision needed...

I think my modest/low, not bad/not good quarterback rating was meant for Dan "I'd be the best gay quarterback if all my receivers were 7 feet tall" Cip. While yes, he did start us out to a 12 - 0 lead, he went on to throw (at least) 2 INT's - two consecutive drives were thwarted when he threw over the heads of WIDE open receivers and into the hands of the defense.... So wide open were the receivers that after Dan threw the pick over the head of the open receiver, we ran the same play with me as QB on the next drive - essentially, keep everyone running short crosses, send the slot guy on the right to the deep middle of the field where he will be inexplicably unaccounted for - rocket science, truly... Even someone's grandmother could catch the ball and take it down to at least the 1 yard line.

Revised ABGQBR - 115.3

The Facts:
2 drives - 2 TDs, 1 2-point try converted
0 INTs
My second TD drive lasted 2 plays - debunking the myths that I can only throw the ball 3 to 5 feet on good days, and ALL my drives are required to last at least 30 minutes..


Anonymous said...

Dan threw the pick over the head of the open receiver of the receivers was Alscott so the ball was only four feet off the ground and went through his wide open hands. While I caught long balls extra points for him, he sabotaged my rating by purposely not catching easy balls. As a matter of fact the only easy balls he has caught lately when he has been out with UB.