Monday, November 21, 2005

November 20, 2005

The Weather:
Well, all signs pointed to our first real fall game, but it turned out to be a real nice day, colder than it has been but almost 60 and sunny.

The Arrival: Trainwreck did not grace us with his finely cofed presence, however Shane (light-Shane) brought his lovely mother to come out and cheer us on.

Turnout: Not counting Shane's mom, we got about 21 -- enough for 8 on 8 with a couple of subs.

He's Not Michael Vick He Just Plays Like Him:
A rejuvenated QB Dan Cipullo -- off the DL from Rum poisoning, put on a show that would make Michael Vick proud: Showing slick run moves, throwing like Vick, and leading his White Team to 2 victories today.

What QB Controversy?: John Daly stepping in for Cipullo went 2-2 with a TD, my QB Rating Calculator is down for the moment, but according to my rough calculations that equals approximately 1004.2 or 9, I'm not sure (actually I did calculate it estimating the yard, and it comes out to 147.9 --

How Many QB's Does it Take to Score A TD: The Hydra-Like ( Dark QB machine lead them to a quick opening strike. Their hot receiver was Dark-Shane, who despite all his receiving prowess couldn't seem to be able to stay on his feet after catching the ball.

Memorable Moments: Uncle Bobby's rejection of Dan. Dark-Shane's multiple reception/falls. Dan scampering down the sideline.

Some Quick Hits: Was that a titter that came out of Patrick Mckintyre when he lost the ball in the sun to Matt? Did Uncle Bobby's last TD drive take so long because he needed to grab his walker? Kirk being heard saying to Matt in our Defensive huddle "Too many words...."

Last Notes: Thanks to everyone who took pictures, I'm going to post a few here and the rest on Flickr (there are 130 or so total). If you want me to e-mail some to you let me know (

Happy Thanksgiving see you in 2 weeks.


Paddy Mac said...

Adam, is my name THAT hard to spell?! Good lord... :)

Adam Strasberg said...

It is at 10pm.