Monday, April 16, 2007

Tournament Week 1 Recap:
Where to start? The stunning uniforms? The interceptions returned for touchdowns?

Oh yeah, the weather. 45, with rain that ranged from driving to heavy. It was pretty wet, wetter than the wet t-shirt contest at Gay Bowl.

Adam Smashers v. Burton's Bashers: The game was a real defensive struggle, with the weather making the ball heavy and throws and receiver hands unpredictable. The score stood at 12-6 at the half.

A little wetter and a little colder (after a 3 minute half-time), the second half started with both offenses stalling. It was defense that turned the momentum towards the Bashers as Chris took a 10 yard interception, 50 yards to pay-dirt (or mud as the case may be).

Basher Wk1 MVP PJ did a great job of controlling the game, taking what the defense gave him, and avoiding the rush. He hit Burton for the game winning td, to put the Basher's up 20-18.

For the Smashers, Tony played stellar in the wet weather despite 2 int's, but MVP honors would go to Brandon "Super-star" Waggoner. Two long td passes and solid defense all day long against the always dangerous John Burton. I would also be remiss not to mention the return of Joe Chapin. Playing with sky gloves, he showed no ill effects from his illness. He shinned on defense and in his brief offensive exposure.

It was a well played game by both teams, but the real winner was the weather.

P-Mac's Peeps v. Charlie's Gang: Another tight game at the half with Charlie's team up 12-7 and P-Mac's team getting the 2nd half kick-off. The weather proved more than Jim could handle (with 3 key players no shows), and 2 Int's returned for TD's by Marc and Uncle Bobby.

The ever reliable Dan did a good job with his shot putt motion getting the ball long even in the driving rain. I watched a pretty pass and catch Dan to Charlie, with Charlie running backwards into the endzone.

Wetter than Bobby at a high school graduation, the players and captains all agreed that the second game should be canceled to give ourselves a chance to recover and warm up.

All in all, it was a fun week even with the weather or maybe because of the weather. Of course, my car was a mess, and my feet were cold even after a 30 minute shower, but it was a great week. I'm sorry to say the weather report calls for 70 degrees and sunny skies next Sunday.

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