Monday, April 09, 2007

Tour Around the Monuments v.2

Alright, we're going to try this again.

Our first stop: It was really cold, I mean I know it was only 40 degrees, but it was really cold, and it was April. Although we had 11 confirmed players via e-mail, we only had 9 hardly souls show up (and that includes Tony who was not on the list). Maybe everyone was healing up for next week's tournament.

On the left: We played 4-4 with a permanent defender who ended up being none other than our glorious QB Tony. White was led by Jay & Uncle bobby. Dark led by Dan Cipullo & PJ. The White team was filled out by Adam and Dan O, Dark by Brad and Kevin C.

On the right: Despite the stellar QB play, the best QB play was by replacement QB Adam, who came in and unexpectedly, went 4-5 showing a soft touch (his one incomplete was a drop), including a long pass right over PJ's out stretched arms into Jay's hands. He announced his retirement after the game.

Look here: Defense seemed to rule the day, not sure how many there were but an unofficial count left it at 140. Tony even intercepted an attempted lateral. Though the nicest play of the day might have been PJ's catch run, and lateral to Brad as Jay closed in for the tag. Unfortunately the glory was momentary, as White went on to score 24 straight point and win 36-18.

Coming up: We have the spring tournament -- 11 players a team, 4 Captain: Burton, Adam, P-mac, and Charlie. Should be a rousing good time. I'll try to post updates here along with pictures.

See you next week.

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