Monday, January 02, 2006

Good game, bad weather greets Monuments in New Year
No shows don't ruin tight game
DC Monuments New Service
A wet day with light rain, tempuratures hovering around 40 and a muddy ground could not dampen the enthusiasm of the Monuments who showed up to play just one day after New Year's Day. The 11 players: Charlie Salem, Uncle Bobby, Adam Strasberg, All-Scott, Tony Stewart, Brandon, JJ, Tom "Madonna," Patrick McIntyre, Dark Shane, Mark Milo all Iron Men -- showed up despite the weather and their still lingering hang overs to put on a football show.

Playing 5-5 with a perminent defender changing sides, the Dark team led by QB Tony Stewart and Charlie Salem jumped out to a 20-0 lead. Salem had two early interceptions and a touchdown on out and run -- making his usual early run for MVP. Things looked bleak for the White team as Gay Quaterback Tandem contenders All-Scott and Uncle Bobby could not move their team downfield. There were rumbling of starting over and new teams.

All-Scott in particular seemed to be pressing. Upon learning that Best Gay Quarterback rival Dan Cipullo would not be playing, he boldly proclaimed, "Even when he's here, he not here." Despite or possibly because of those comments, Dark's defense seemed to keep both the dimuative and octagenerian quaterbacks bottled up.

With the game slipping away, in desperation White turned to Tom "Madonna" to lead them. Casting aside the ball control offense that had so far failed them, Madonna turned to an old friend the long bomb. Quick strikes to Adam and Mark Milo put White on the board and back in the game 26-14. White started back along the comeback trail.

With so few players, the game would be played to 36 points. With the Dark team up 34-20, White's chances seemed slim until their defense steped up.

As if stuck in the mud they were playing on Dark's offense seemed to stall under pressure from White's tough D. With some key drops Tony Stewart seemed to be struggling to put the ball in perfect spot.

All-Scott steped up, making a run for Best Gay Linebacker, defending several passes, and droping an near interception after making a beautiful break on the ball. Playing a tough man to man "D", White locked down Dark -- stoping Dark on four straight series as they crawled and scrapped their way back into the game.

Again it was the long ball with another bomb from Uncle Bobby (the mad bomber) to Adam, and downfield strikes to Tom "Madonna" that moved the ball. The venerable quarterback would show his Michael Young like moves later sprinting in for another touchdown.

White closed to 34-32, when Tony could no longer be contained. two quick runs, and a short 3 yard pass to JJ put them up and over 36, 40-32. But White had the last chance, nothing less than a touchdown and 2-point conversion would do it. Like a cat with nine (or 90) lives, Uncle Bobby pulled a miricle out of hat. Under pressure, throwing back to Tom "Madonna" who tossed the ball 40 yards to Milo who streak for the touchdown.

But White's gun didn't have any more bullets left in it, as Uncle Bobby's 2 point converstion was easily knocked down by Tony to give Dark a hard earned 40-38 victory. All in all a good start to the new year.

Game Notes: Kirk could not make it to the games despite his RSVP because of a "out of town guest." The LA Motion (the Gay team in LA) had their game cancelled this weekend due to rain. Despite pleading with Charlie earlier in the week to play football on Monday, Patrick slept in and tried to weasel out of showing up -- he did eventually show up.

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