Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dark beats White as arctic wind rages
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On a day where the wind blew more gays than Uncle Bobby on Gay Pride Weekend, 14 Supreme Football Jocks showed their mettle by battling it out on a frozen field.

With cones being tossed across the field, it was the orange field paint that saved the day allowing both White and Dark to mark the ball as the two teams played for dominance. In a game that played closer than the score, the wind was a constant factor, twisting throws and throwing off timings.

Dark took the kick off, and had to move the ball into the wind. With Tony Stewart taking the first set of snaps, Dark's offense failed to complete a pass and looked totally ineffectual turning the ball over on downs.

White took over quickly moved down the Dark team's one yard line. Then a pass thrown into the endzone bounced off of Dark's Delaware Greg's head and into Milo's hands for the first, but not the last rebounded interception of the day. Milo's attempt to return the INT out of the end zone was thwarted when he slipped on the ice that was once dirt and grass.

With a second chance, Tony Stewart capitalized throwing deep over the middle to Dan "Best Gay Center" Cipullo who raced straight to paydirt.

That opening dance was a step the teams repeated throughout the hard fought game. White's triumvirate of QB -- Uncle Bobby, Steve Adamske, and Brandon either would throw an early interception or drive their team into the red zone only to throw a late interception. The Breeder had three picks on the day, one off a tip by his teammate the Gazelle in the endzone to stymie a White drive.

Dark's offense used both short passes and big plays to score -- Milo down the sideline, with a quick bobble as Brandon came up just short on his break on the ball, Charlie zig-zagging across the field running 70 yards sideways to score 40 yards forward, finally Charlie on a bomb.

Brandon was the only White QB who converted in the Red-zone scoring their only 6 points of the day and breaking a 18-0 Dark run.

The the score 26-6 -- Jay's Patrick gave White a last chance with an interception off the Gazelle's hands. But keeping with the theme of the day, White gave it right back as the Gazelle sealed his MVP day with a nice break on the ball for an INT to add to his 2 TD's.

Though the final score 32-6 seemed lopsided, the game was much closer than that, if not for a couple of tipped passes and bad wind aided throws, the score could have been much closer.

Game notes: Cutest moment of the day was Patrick hooking up with lovey Jay on a nice medium pass. The game was played in 15 degree wind chill at start time, the coldest game day of the year so far. The wind was quite impressive, almost no cones were left standing by game's end, scattered across the field. Only one game was played as most of the players were off just after noon to watch the playoffs.

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